Shortouch enables brands to activate identity data with third-parties

By providing authorized access to identities by third-party systems and service providers, Shortouch helps brands to:

  • Activate identity and access data with outside systems more easily
  • Combine identity and access data with customer data that sits elsewhere
  • Increase the value of identity data by using it to engage consumers

Key features that enable brands to authorize:

pre-built integrations-centered

Pre-built Integrations

Shortouch’s identity records and customer access history can be shared with leading customer-facing systems using pre-built integrations. Shortouch has existing integrations with Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Adobe Campaign, Drupal, AB Tasty, Splio, among others, which are rigorously maintained and validated. Shortouch is continuously expanding this ecosystem of partners with new integrations.

open api access-centered

Open API Access

Companies can easily build their own, custom integrations between Shortouch and third-party systems using Shortouch’s rich REST API. On top of the API, Shortouch maintains SDKs and supports webhooks to accelerate integration work. Shortouch’s expert team is available to support clients and ensure the success of these integrations.

secure authorization-centered

Secure Authorization

Shortouch ensures that customer identities and associated data are shared with third party systems using the latest and most trusted protocols, such as OAuth2. Shortouch takes responsibility for ensuring data is shared in a secure and appropriate manner, relieving clients of the burden of understanding the intricacies of security and privacy.

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